Welcome to Taloria

Taloria is a fantasy series written by Samuel Plum. More accurately, though, it is the fascinating world on which these stories take place. It is a world of unlimited magic, danger, excitement, and, with any luck, a touch of wry humor. It is a world of unusual races, mysterious places, and untold horrors. It is a world of hopes, dreams, aspirations and love. 

Taloria.com is your portal to this world. This will be the first place to go to find updates on new releases in the series, Talorian news, articles, and most importantly, short stories and flash fiction, free to read. And if you enjoy the stories, please remember to like and share them with your friends.

Updates can sometimes be erratic, especially with larger content, so don't forget to follow the main page on RSS.


About the Author

Taloria is written by Samuel Plum, an engineer living in Southern California. By at least some accounts he is a pretty decent guy. If you would like to find out more about him (aka me) be sure to check out the social links at the foot of the site.

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