Hello followers of Taloria. We are proud to announce our newly updated website, now no longer running a laughably old version of Joomla CMS.

But new backend code is not all that this new site has to offer, no. Now we also have access to a wonderful comment system courtesy of Disqus, and access to easily share the articles and stories that you like with each and every one of your friends and loved ones.

After all, it made you happy, didn't it? Reading that story? Don't you want them to know happiness too? ;)

Joking aside, please do share if you know anyone that you honestly feel would enjoy the content, and don't be afraid to leave comments.

On a down note the change does seem to have broken the old RSS, so if you follow on RSS, and came here to see what was up, you will need to update your RSS url.


Oh, and one more thing.

New stories. Coming soon. 

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