Good news, everyone! There are now two new ways to read stories from Taloria!

First off: a solution of those of you that enjoy Taloria flash fiction, but also really prefer the feel of paper over pixels. Do computer screens make you angry? Have a friend that doesn't trust the internet? Simply like actually holding something other than a laptop, tablet, or phone when you read? Then Talorian Microbooks are just for you! Pull up any story on the site for a link to its microbook pdf, print it, fold it, read it, love it. These mini folding books are perfect for sharing and collecting.

Secondly: For anyone that's interested in getting behind the scenes and finding out just how much I owe to Marcie's amazing editing work (hint: it's a lot), I've started a deviant art account. Did you know that deviant art isn't just visual art? I didn't. But now I do, and you can go there to read storiesĀ before they are even done. Amazing. DA will be host to stories awaiting constructive criticism before they are completed and posted here, or sent off to smashwords, so if you prefer to read the finished product you should probably avoid it. If you like seeing things when they are still raw and under construction, check out the rough drafts as I post them there. There's a new story up over there right now. Check it out at:

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